1 LT, 3 LT, 4 LT, 5 LT, 7 LT, 14 KG, 20 LT SIZES ARE AVAILABLE.

It is used in the general lubrication of vehicles, chassis, rolling and low speed plain bearings. It is water resistant and protects the system against wear and corrosion. It shows superior performance by providing quick and effective lubrication in applications where the temperature is not high.

Health, Safety and Environmental Information,

Oils do not harm human health as long as they are used for their intended purpose and correctly, and as long as necessary cleaning and safety precautions are taken. Avoid prolonged contact with used oil. Wash skin with plenty of soap and water after contact. Do not pour used oils into soil, water, garbage and sewer connections. Deliver the used oils to the nearest collection point in a clean, sound and tightly closed container.